We stray from our usual diet of road and track bikes from the ‘Retro Review’ series and have a look at a pioneering project from JMC, an innovative company from the early years of BMX.

The influence of the BMX scene should never be underestimated. Born in the 1970s, this genre of riding introduced many to the beauty of cycling. Road, track and MTB stars alike have come to their pet disciplines by way of the local BMX track.

These days, there are many who were involved in the BMX scene in the late-1970s and early-1980s who are rediscovering the joy of cycling – some after hiatus from riding, some who never stopped.

A coincidental meeting with a BMX bike collector, Kieran Power, prompted a visit to his house to talk about his hobby.

The JMC shadow is no ordinary bike and its owner is proud to have such a product in his collection. It boasts several innovations that would help shape the BMX industry for years to come.


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Click the link above to watch our interview with Keiran Power and his JMC Shadow.

JMC is a US brand that helped change the way that bikes looked. With its innovative seat tube through the top tube design, thin forks and other neat touches, the Shadow frame represents a remarkable era in bike production.

Power built this chromoly frame, with its extreme angles and beautiful welds, with a collection of parts that would be the envy of many a BMX aficionado: Hutch pedals, Pro Neck stem, Bullseye cranks and his “favourite BMX part” the JMC seatpost.

Take a moment to watch our interview with this collector to find out a little about his bike and why it’s so special.

Objects of desire for many a teenager in the early years of BMX (above).

What’s the story of your bike?

If you have something special that you’d like to share with others, get in touch and tell us a little bit about what you ride and why it means something to you.


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