Went for a ride. To the north. After one down-and-up along Bobbin Head Road in Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park – with most of the ‘traffic’ fellow cyclists – I decided to just keep going down and up, down and up… etc, until the call to get back home came.

That’s what I did. I collected plenty of footage along the way and I think it is a great showcase of a great place to ride a bike.


This is the story of my ride from Saturday morning 13 April 2024.



By the way, this might actually be the 250th upload in the #StoryOfMyRide series. It shows Bobbin Head, a place I ride to often – and have shared stories about before – but there are plenty more cycling videos to be found on the #playlist. Be sure to have a look around.

– Rob


#StoryOfMyRide playlist


00:36 ‘Ride Started’

01:08 Familiar scenes – Darling Harbour

04:38 Sydney Harbour Bridge (again)

05:07 Commute (to Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park) over

10:16 Descent. Interrupted.

10:57 Following a stranger

12:50 Unhappy while happy

13:40 Calming down while going up

14:10 Down again

15:05 Always beautiful – Bobbin Head

16:27 Coincidental meditation