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The opportunity to talk to a range of people associated with cycling was presented last week in Adelaide. In the coming days we’ll add to our ‘Talking Cycling’ series. Here is part one of a chat with Nathan Haas.

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RIDE recently caught up with Nathan Haas. We sat down to talk about cycling and, before we talked about his riding heritage, we discussed a product he’s started using: the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt…

This is not brand new product but it features tech that he is impressed with.

The conversation was impromptu and we aimed to talk about many things but Nathan doesn’t mind getting stuck into details and he enjoys explaining himself fully. The intention was to just get a couple of sentences about his new cycle computer – as Katusha is one of several teams that have adopted Wahoo as a product supplier in 2018.

This is not a paid promotion, rather a chance to get someone who has avoided tech to talk about how tech has improved his cycling.

In part two, one little question about his history with downhill mountain biking prompts him to explain how it came to be that a bloke from Canberra ended up riding for a Swiss-registered WorldTour team. Stay tuned for that one… in the meantime, have a look at what he has to say about a cycle computer.


– Click the link below to see RIDE’s interview with Nathan Haas. –

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Click the link above to see our interview with Nathan Haas (part two, coming soon).

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Subscribe to RIDE Media’s YouTube channel and find a collection of interviews including some others recorded at the 2018 Tour Down Under. Listen to Michael Rogers talk about starting Virtu Go, Allan Davis explain his weight gain (and loss), Mick Turtur offer his highlight from the first 20 years of ‘his’ race, and Egan Bernal talk about how he came to be a pro cyclist with Team Sky…

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