The champions have been crowned, medals presented, and now Wollongong prepares to return to how things were before cycling took over the town. There is a lot still to say about #Wollongong2022 but for now, a few closing thoughts on the week that was.


– By Rob Arnold



The past week was a special time for sport in Australia.

Wollongong, thank you!

The worlds came to town and champions put cycling on display in the finest way.

Saturday, a superstar with what seems like an endless CV of victories.

Sunday, another superstar confirms his talents.



Photo: Zac Williams

It has been a wonderful week and the culmination of much work, investment, and – for many – a passion project that seemed like a fantasy when it began.

It is over now but the quest is to ensure there is a legacy.

Cycling was on display and it was beautiful.

Photo: Zac Williams

This world championships is special for me. It was in ‘My Place’, NSW, Australia.

This is a place people around the world got to see because of a bike race.

I hope people liked what they saw.

This is Dharawal Country. It is beautiful.

And so too is cycling.


I’ve been in Wollongong for the worlds. I’ve ridden my bike and met bike riders, tourists, riders and their family and friends. I’ve written some stories. Filmed a lot. And observed…

I’ve had a great time.

I’ve collected heaps of content & there’s more to come.

For now, I’m going to absorb it and not rush my overview(s).

There is a lot to say about #Wollongong2022 but for now, it is simply a far-reaching: thank you!

To everyone who was part of this party – a celebration of cycling in ‘My Place’, thanks. It was beautiful.

– Rob


(Note: Now there is the trip back to Sydney to manage and then it will be time to unpack some memories, do some editing and share some of the things I’ve seen while watching a celebration of cycling unfold in Wollongong.)



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