‘The Last Rider’ is a film about the 1989 Tour de France and Greg LeMond’s comeback victory after a near-death experience because of a hunting accident. It is a story that has often been told and it will always be relevant in the cycling realm. 

Alex Holmes has created a feature film about the Tour, LeMond, and the many themes that emerged during a dramatic time of change for the sport.


Click the link below to watch an extended interview with Alex Holmes about ‘The Last Rider’



Even if you know the story of what was a remarkable race, one of the best in the long history of the Tour de France, it is absolutely worth watching this film. It is a showreel of memories and a sporting conquest that really did change the narrative of the world’s biggest bike race.

The influence of Greg LeMond on cycling cannot be underestimated and the story behind how he achieved results at the highest level is fascinating.

Those who are new to cycling and the Tour de France will see this film in a different light to those who remember the events of 1989 unfolding, and that is part of the appeal of ‘The Last Rider’; it bookmarks a time of change, as EPO was becoming the weapon of choice in the pro peloton.


(Film review to come. For now, please let me know what you think of the interview with the film director, Alex Holmes.)


– Rob