Each issue of RIDE Cycling Review has five bike tests. There’s a great quintet for the next issue – due out in December – and we’ll be creating little clips of the testing process.

The Cannondale Slate is one bike that has received plenty of press and we understand why: it represents a whole new genre of cycling. Although difficult to classify, it’s an all-rounder that is making a big impression.

If you subscribe to our YouTube channel you’ll find interviews as well as clips from the test sessions.


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Unpacking the Cannondale Slate


– With Rob Arnold and Luke Davison.



The rest of the test fleet will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

While we work on the next issue, let us know what you’d like to see in the tests (and, if you live in Sydney and would like to be part of a ‘First Impressions’ ride of the quintet of bikes, send in an email to offer your services).