Here is a video with an explanation of the bike I ride, what I wear, and the camera equipment I use. The aim is to make it a regular series: ‘what I ride with’. Click play on the link below and find out more…

Video by Rob Arnold


The #StoryOfMyRide begins with a confession to my bike: ‘I love you’. It was a day when everything was singing on my ride. No noises I didn’t want to hear. The right kit for the conditions. And, on the whole, there was a great combination of products in action. It added up to an appreciation of how much I liked what I was riding.

At my turnaround point of a mid-week ride on my usual terrain, I stopped and summarised a few ideas that have been lingering in the back of my mind.


Product overview // Story Of My Bike

The spreadsheet at the bottom of this article is a reference to the products that I use when I’m riding – not just my bike, but the components and sundry items that are part of the cycling package, ie. helmet, kit, shoes… and also cameras and various tech that may come along for the journey.

The aim is to make this a regular feature of future video uploads when I’m often riding with review products and/or items that have long been favourites for cycling activity.

For starters, the list is a basic overview with a few notes, plus the weight (when relevant) and links to the brand sites so that you can learn more about something that captures your attention.In the video, I stop while on a ride and explain the idea of this ‘Product List’ and then randomly select 10 items that capture my attention, from the saddle (Fi:zi’k Alianté, on review) to handlebars, pedals, clothing, helmet and sunnies, I offer a few comments on each.

Early in the commentary, however, I focus on one product which tends to attract plenty of queries: the camera I use while on the bike. It is a GoPro Hero11 and it has served me extremely well since this product was released. There is a new iteration of the same camera – yep, the Hero12 which launched about six months ago – and, all going well, I’ll soon be shooting footage with that action cam.

For this #StoryOfMyBike, however, I focus on the arrangement that has served me well for over a year: the Hero11, a GoPro selfie stick, and the GoPro Media Mod.

There will always be more to say but this is a conversation starter, an attempt to share some things I’ve learned while on the bike using equipment that has changed considerably in the time I’ve been writing (and talking) about cycling for a job.Offering a summary of some products that are in use on any random ride means that it’s not always going to be something new, or even something sent for review. Instead, it’s a chance to talk about the good (or bad), and what comes to mind while I’m riding.

The groupset you see featured on my bike (above), for example, is over five years old – as is the frame itself. The SRAM AXS and Focus Izalco Max that I use have both been superseded by updated iterations launched in 2023, but I’m still happy using the equipment from 2019. It works well. I’m familiar with it. And if something’s not broken, why try and fix it?

That said, I’m also lucky enough to have a long history with the cycling trade and still receive products for review, so if all goes to plan, even My Bike will evolve over time. Each new item will then get a listing and you can monitor what stands the test of time, what gets quickly replaced, what breaks, and what really floats my boat.

A good bike is a thing of beauty. A bike that works well and suits you and your style of riding is something to be proud of. And when it all comes together as it did on the day I recorded the video at the top of this page, it raises a smile and even makes you feel like you’ve fallen in love all over again.

Click play, watch the video and let me know if you have any questions or comments.


– Rob


The  Bike

Item Name Notes Weight Site
Bike: Focus Izalco Max (2019) My bike  8.3kg
Groupset: SRAM Force AXS eTap (2019) Original Force AXS
Original tyres:
Original wheels: Zipp 303s 23mm internal (hookless)
Current tyres: Goodyear Eagle F1 (32mm) Tubeless, black sidewalls 333g (each)
Current wheels: Zipp 303s Still with original rotors
Rotors: SRAM Centerline XR (front), Paceline (rear)
Handlebars: Coefficient RR See links for review
Saddle: Fi:zi’k Alianté (2023) See links for review
Seatpost Focus (proprietary)
Pedals: Shimano Ultegra Circa 2011 259g (pair)
Handlebar tape: SRAM Supersuede
Computer: Wahoo Elemnt Bolt (2022) 69g
Computer mount: Integrated Part of the Coefficent deal
Light mount (front): CNC aluminium Bolted directly to handlebars 5g
Light (rear): Bontrager Flare RT Clip-on to saddle rail mount 22g
Light (front) Bontrager Ion 200 RT  Clip-on  22g
Bottle cages: Zipp Alumina (x2) 27g (each)
Tubes / Sealant: Finishline Fiberlink
Tubeless valves: Zipp


The Kit

Item Name Notes Weight Site
Helmet: KASK Protone Icon 290g
Jersey: MAAP System Pro Air (small) “Race cut” (ie. slim fit)
Knicks: MAAP Pro Bib 2.0 (small) Black
Base layer MAAP Team  White
Sunglasses: KOO Alibi  Harbor Blue Matt (frames) 27g
Shoes: Nimbl Ultimate White with yellow and green 276g (each)**
Cleats: Shimano (Red) Red = fixed (ie. 0° float) 34g (each)***
Socks: MAAP Division Mono (white)
Mitts / gloves: ALÉ  Style not listed on ALÉ site
Watch: Apple Watch SE 40mm Used mainly to tell the time… 35g

The Tech

Item Notes Weight Site
Camera GoPro Hero 11 Black With modified Media Mod kit 210g
Selfie Stick GoPro MAX Grip + Tripod Plus fastening bolt 218g