There is a growing trend of using wax instead of lubricants on bike chains and there are many good reasons for it… we visit Tune Cycles to get the lowdown on the process.


– A video by Rob Arnold



When done properly a waxed chain can save you watts and money. In other words, you can go faster for less effort and significantly extend the lifespan of your chain and cassette.

Hayden Nosatti and the crew at Tune Cycles have been perfecting the cleaning / waxing process at their workshop in Marrickville, NSW. When they were happy with the result of considerable experimentation, they invited RIDE Media in to document the process.

Click the link below to watch a video, with Hayden explaining the benefits and the process for getting rid of lubricants applied to a 12-speed Shimano chain at the factory and then dipping it into a tub of hot wax…

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