There’s a new Trek Emonda on the market. The 2021 iteration was unveiled last Friday. A week earlier, RIDE Media asked a few questions… and we’ve broken the answers up into a four-part series of videos.


For the previous Emonda launch back in 2017, Trek flew dozens of cycling journalists to Wisconsin to show off the new bike and help us gain an understanding of the culture of the company. Of course, there was a PowerPoint presentation – complete with the usual charts about wind flow and compliance and carbon lay-up – and there was talk about weight and watt savings.

There was also a factory visit and some wonderful riding out on the dairy farm roads in the warmth of a June day, and the obligatory consumption of cheese curd and perhaps even a few pints of the many local IPA varieties…

We also met the founder of Trek, when John Burke and his wife Tania hosted a large group at their house overlooking the lake one glorious evening. We would learn plenty about the company, its bikes and other products… and then it was time to fly home again (and that, in itself, provided a most memorable story).

With travel (and delays) it took over a week and it was a great way to get a taste of what Trek is all about.

In 2020 the Emonda has been updated and there was another launch in June. This time, instead of travel it was a video conference. There was PowerPoint and charts and talk about product development, aerodynamics, weight, vertical compliance… and no travel. All up, it took two-and-a-bit hours.

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After Anders Alhberg talked through all the key points about the new bike, the marketing man welcomed Trek’s head of road, Jordan Roessingh, and took questions from the media who were watching via YouTube.

RIDE Media asked a range of questions and we have posted Roessingh’s responses on our YouTube channel.

Click the links below for short clips with answers to questions about: