The SBS Cycling Central Thursday Podcast: it’s not new but there was quite a hiatus for a while. Of course the regular host, Phil Gomes, steered the ship for a while during the 2016 Tour de France with daily episodes overviewing the action. On average there was 3,107 plays per session (ie. per stage) of the Tour. The final stage – the overview of the race – netted almost 4,000 plays.

And then Gomes went on holidays and there was a little bit of silence on that SoundCloud channel. But it’s playing again.




Last week Gomes (above) was joined by Anthony Tan and Jamie Finch-Penninger and they discussed the themes of the times… ie. the Vuelta and Nairo Quintana etc.

And today it was on again with the above mentioned trio as well as RIDE Media’s publisher, Rob Arnold. Again the Vuelta was one of the topics of a discussion that lasts a little over 50 minutes.


Click the SoundCloud file below to listen to the latest episode of the SBS Cycling Central podcast.




* * * * *


Beyond an overview of the Vuelta, which concluded on Sunday, the panel also reverted to talk about power meters and their influence on racing before taking on topics such as the Olympics, the NRS, the retirement of Matt Goss, and a range of things that came up in between.

Once again, Gomes is the host, Tan the master of the obtuse reference (among other talents), Finch-Penninger the stats man and NRS reporter (among other things), and Arnold the habitual interrupter (and occasional contributor to discussion).

It’s a professional studio that’s inside the catacombs of the SBS’s Sydney headquarters but the conversation is fairly casual and it prompts some commentary that fans of cycling should be able to relate to.

Of course, as with all modern media, it’s easy to play on your device of choice and although it’s not brief the podcast can serve as a good companion for the commute home, a home trainer session, or even just playing in the background while you cook your dinner. (Among other settings.)


Have a listen and let us know what you think.