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We continue our online uploads of the ‘Bikes from the Bunch’ interviews. This one is from #RIDE73, published in October 2016 after the La Campionissimo gran fondo.


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Each of these riders participated in the gruelling La Campionissimo Gran Fondo in the Italian Alps in June 2016. It was a long day in the saddle but riders still managed to tell us a little about their bikes.


The instalment of the Bikes from the Bunch series in #RIDE73 featured one Italian and four visitors to Italy. There were two Japanese riders, a Singaporean, an Englishman and a local. It was a motley bunch and each rides for different reasons. There’s a retired professional rider, a former rugby player who began cycling after injury forced him from the game he loved, two ‘bike industry types’ and a passionate enthusiast whose love of the sport trumps most.

All the bikes are carbon and most are fitted with aluminium wheels.

Four bikes were packed up and brought to Italy on a plane for the owners to ride the La Campionissimo Gran Fondo. It was supposed to be a 175km ride scaling over 5,000 vertical metres but due to poor weather and an imminent landslide, the iconic Gavia Pass had to be substituted for a double ascent of the Mortirolo – first the ‘easy’ side, and then the ‘hard’ side.

Bren Hodkinson told us his legs felt as though they had ridden 10,000 miles after the ride indicating that avoiding the Gavia climb did not lessen the challenge of La Campionissimo.

In a twist of convention, one of the Japanese riders – Masaki – has an affinity for Campagnolo whereas Lorena (the Italian amongst this group) opts for Shimano. 

Riding in Italy opens a whole new world of bike brands to those who consider themselves familiar with most.

At La Campionissimo, there were more Cipollinis than Giants and more Goomahs than Specialized bikes. Trek led Giant and Specialized with its Emonda the most common model amongst the brands.


– Click the images below to read the interviews where each rider talks about their bike. –

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