It is June. And in recent years that seems to translate to “bike launch season”. There was a flurry of activity from numerous brands 12 months ago and BMC has got the ball rolling in Italy this week with the unveiling of its new RoadMachine range.

Yesterday it was confirmed that the trial of disc brakes in the pro peloton will be put on hold for another few months and we’re unlikely to see any riders using disc brakes in competition for the rest of 2016 but the everyday rider has a wealth of choice.

The RoadMachine boasts many of the trademark touches we’ve come to expect from the Swiss brand. And now there’s even a green option amongst the collection.

The RoadMachine follows the usual line of thinking from BMC: retain the heritage of the model but offer it in three options – 01, 02, and 03, a “premium” carbon-fibre frame, an “ecomonical full-carbon laminate, and a “smooth-weld aluminium”, respectively.



We’ll find out a lot more about the RoadMachine in the coming weeks but for now, here are some photos provided by BMC on the day of the official launch in Turin.