Looking back through our extensive collection of cycling products – from the ‘Paraphernalia’ pages of our magazine – we are reminded of these great shoes from Bont.

Here’s part two of our online iteration of a product review from the RIDE archives…




Since Bont’s inception it has held a reputation for making shoes that are ultra stiff yet super comfortable. With a mouldable carbon shell and wide fit options, they cater for all manner of foot shapes – a claim that can be made by few manufacturers.

In addition to comfort and performance, Bont can now add top-end style to its list of features. They were not unstylish before but the latest Vaypor+ range looks amazing! There’s a range of colour combinations available in supple kangaroo leather outer with a cowhide internal lining. Considerable bulk is removed by using the combination of these two materials. The perforation pattern in the kangaroo outer look fantastic but also serve to provide better ventilation for the foot.

There’s no shying away from the cost but, when the product is this attractive, comfortable, and high performing, there’s no need to look elsewhere and they’re built to last.