RIDE Cycling Review started working with Tim Bardsley-Smith in January 2013 when he wanted to diversify his cycling photography portfolio. He has been shooting MTB events for years but a year ago he visited the velodrome for the national championships and came up with some stunning images. He’s since shot a cover image for RIDE, and this January he’s expanding his repertoire even further: road cycling is now in focus.

Earlier today we posted a selection of images by Jarrod Partridge from day two of the Australian road cycling championships but we’re following that up with a second gallery from the crits… some photos by Bardsley-Smith that, we think you’ll agree, give a great glimpse at the action in Ballarat on 9 January 2014. Enjoy. (And please share…!)

Click on the image of Steel von Hoff (below) for a gallery of lovely photos…


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