If you’ve watched any cycling in 2023, you would have noticed the proliferation of EKOÏ products: helmets, sunglasses, shoes, and kit… there is a huge collection in the French company’s catalogue.

We take a look through a pair of EKOÏ’s customisable sunglasses and explain a little of the brand’s background – and how EKOÏ products are now available in Australia.

By Rob Arnold

Now that the photos have been taken and I’ve had a chance to consider the review set of sunglasses sent by EKOÏ a couple of months ago, I realise that a few details have been added. Truth be told, however, when they first arrived the customised elements escaped me.

I noted that they were light (32 grams), very comfortable, and that they matched my helmet well.

First ride with the EKOÏ sunglasses… and my trusty POC Ventral helmet.

The packaging is clever: a hard-case box that includes lens cleaning spray and folds down flat once the products have been removed. And, of course, there is the handy carry bag included to give you something to clean your sunglasses with.

The nose bridge is adjustable and helps make the fit just right for riding.

What I didn’t notice until my first ride with them on my face is that the review sunglasses came complete with my name on the side of the frames and my initials etched into the lens!

Honestly, only while giving them a mid-ride polish did I realise that “Robert” was spelled out – very obviously, I might add – in white print on the black portion of the arm on the left-hand side.

You know how it might happen: the parcel arrives, you open it up and see what’s inside and then instinct takes over… put them on your face, check how they match the helmet, and then ask your loved ones what they think.

When it’s time to ride, you slot them into your helmet before setting off… clip into the pedals and then slide them on to take away the glare of the sun. Ride. Return home. Remove sunnies. And then get set for the next part of the day.

“Bloody comfortable,” I say a few times to camera while trying to find a few more words to explain what I think of them.

They’re sunglasses. You choose your style, lens tint, and make sure they suit your purpose. Then you ride. If they’re good, you don’t need to say much else other than “bloody comfortable”.

Wealth of choice

Only now that it’s time to share some photos and a few thoughts on the EKOÏ sunglasses do I realise that I’m not quite sure what the model name is, or how to explain the exact lens colour. When we arranged for them to be sent, I asked for “a neutral colour please” and then suggested that Thibaut from EKOÏ decide the rest of the spec.

And, to be clear, there is a considerable selection on offer. Delve into the online catalogue and I’ll be surprised if you can’t find a style to suit you – there are hundreds of options to choose from.

If you want to add music to the wish list, that’s possible too with the ‘Premium’ range that boasts ‘Audio’ – ie. earphones off the arms of the sunglasses.

Click the ‘Custom’ option and you’ll find an outline to what you see featured in this review. The kind people at EKOÏ took my “neutral” request and built these up with the ‘Premium 80’ lens shape, white nose piece, white frames, and black arms – complete with my personal details (ie. name) on the side and my initials in the bottom left-hand side of the lens.

Configure your own style

As you see them here, with all the customisation, they’ll cost AUD$299.93 (in June 2023). The initial etching on the lens is AUD$29.99, and it’s the same price for your name on the frames.

As you make your selection on the EKOÏ site the build comes together so you can understand what the custom sunglasses will look like and the price tallies up as you add items to the package.

If you don’t want to go to that level, there are plenty of other options to select from.

They are robust sunglasses that I’ve worn on almost every ride since they arrived a few months ago. They have been in and out of pockets, slotted into and out of my helmet numerous times, and there’s no sign of any scratches or wear.

The lens is a one-piece design with four ‘vents’ at the top on the left and right. They do fog up a little when you’re sweating and then come to a halt at, for example, a set of traffic lights. But as soon as it turns green and you’re rolling again they clear up quickly and everything looks fantastic.

Take a look around the EKOÏ site and you’ll discover a huge range of cycling products that are being used by a range of top-tier teams. It’s a brand that’s only just arrived in Australia but you are bound to see a lot more of it in the coming weeks, months and years.



– By Rob Arnold