It’s bike launch season. New releases are common. And don’t think that everything looks the same just because of what you see from the big brands in 2020. Take a look around the ENVE Bike Builder Round-Up to see how cycling and art combine.


– From the bike builder round-up: ‘Thank you to handmade frame builders…’ –



“It has been a really good collaboration between us and the builders. We hopefully service them and their customers well, and then we get feedback as to what the next trends are and what people want.

“Our soul has been the small builders and the people who buy the bikes from the small builders. They’re out there talking to the customers [finding out] what they want: geometry, materials, different trends… and we can tap into that knowledge and make our products to fit their needs.

“The world needs to know that these are artisans, they are passionate about their craft. It’s a really tight-knit community and all the builders know each other and they’re always willing to help further that advice and that knowledge.

“It’s just a really collaborative, friendly atmosphere and it’s really cool to be a part of that.”


– Carl Turner, Engineer at Enve Composites


Amongst a sea of releases about new bike arrivals, one email stood out. It arrived this morning and offered a few links to galleries of beautiful work: bicycles built by hand, each one with its own story, unique finish, and showcasing changes to cycling through the use of products that, in many cases, didn’t exist not so long ago.

In the coming days, more will be revealed but if you like looking at bikes, take a moment to click a little and see what ENVE is doing with its virtual bike builder round-up.


ENVE’s 2nd annual Builder Round-Up (28-30 July 2020) has gone virtual. More than 20 custom bikes are featured in photos/videos with builders discussing the intricacies of their vision and design. See more: ENVE Bike Builder Round-Up