New month. New tyres. The experiments continue. Today, first ride on the Tour de France collection, cream sidewall GP5000s by Continental.



This is part of a series about changes to My Bike. There’s been a sequence of tyre swaps and wheel changes this year. Currently very happy with the Campagnolo Shamal wheels and Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres.

The tyres I had been riding for around five weeks were wonderful.

I’ve been using the Eagle F1 in the ‘tube-only’ option (ie. non-tubeless).

They are fantastic. Earlier this week I explained that it seems silly to swap a good combination, one that works in all the situations I find myself riding in. And yet I went ahead and did it.

Last night, I made the switch to GP5000 tyres by Continental. The Germans call it ‘cream’ for the sidewalls (while for Goodyear it’s tan) and the aesthetic different is immediately apparent. (Surprisingly, however, there’s little difference in the ride quality.) While the Goodyear Eagle F1’s tan picked up the looks of my dark bike, it raised a level with the lighter colour of the Continental GP5000’s cream.

There is more to say, and quite a gallery of images awaiting upload but for now, here’s a little clip about the first ride on the Conti GP5000 ‘TDF Collection’.


– Rob

Tan vs Cream: Goodyear and Continental light sidewall road cycling tyres in 2020 – the Eagle F1 and GP5000 (TDF collection – limited edition).