The Helios Spherical helmet by Giro, first revealed in November 2020, now has Australian Standards approval and is available in local shops in July 2021.


If you buy the Giro Helios Spherical helmet in Australia this month, you can go in the draw to win a custom Giro road cycling kit for you and up to nine of your mates!



The evolution of cycling helmets has been dramatic in recent years. New shapes, colours and trends emerge, and safety systems are being refined all the time. One thing, however, remains constant in the competitive market space in Australia: Giro continues to create products that appeal to bike riders everywhere.


The latest road range release from Giro is the Helios Spherical and you’ll see a lot more of this helmet on RIDE Media in the coming days. A sample arrived last week. It has been unboxed and filmed as part of a series of product reviews that you’ll soon find on our YouTube channel.


Available in black or silver/white (small, medium or large), the Helios Spherical boasts a new safety system developed by Giro in conjunction with MIPS.


“Spherical Technology’s unique Ball-and-Socket Design redirects impact forces,” explains the blurb on the Giro site, “bringing market-leading design, performance and brain protection together without compromising comfort, ventilation, weight or style.”


What does this mean for you? Well, if you’re unfortunate enough to crash, your noggin will be safer than ever before. Your brain will thank you afterwards, as it won’t have been subjected to the kind of impact that some cycling helmets are when you hit the tarmac (or gravel).



No crash is pretty, but when your helmet impacts the ground, you want to know that the helmet is doing the best job possible and the Spherical Technology / MIPS ‘lining’ inside the Helios means there’s a bit of give that “redirects impact forces”.


Of course, in an ideal world, you’ll never know how good it is. And let’s try and keep it that way. The best helmet you can own is one that never does the job it has been designed to do!



Now available in Australia


Yep, it’s 2021. No need to explain the obvious but, you might ask, why has it taken over six months since launch before the Helios Spherical has become available in Australian shops. Well, there’s a pandemic on (thus the reference to what year it is), and there’s also a need for helmets sold here to get the famous Australian Standards Approved sticker.


On the inside, you’ll find a red decal with white ticks and the words “Certified Product”. If your helmet doesn’t have this, don’t leave home. Or, at the very least, don’t go riding thinking you have the best possible protection.


The Australian Standards approval system is a complex beast and it takes time to earn that sticker.


Find your nearest Giro dealer, try on the new Helios Spherical and go in the draw for Giro cycling kit for you and up to nine friends.


Another thing that affects the timing is that Giro makes a product of desire and demand for good cycling equipment is at an all-time high. The last thing that the local agent, Sheppard Cycles, wanted to do was build the hype about a fine helmet only for it not to be on the shelves when you visit your LBS.


The good news is that the helmet is now here and available in bike shops around Australia.


The even better news is that, if you buy a helmet from one of the participating Australian bike shops, you can go in the draw to win a set of Giro custom cycling clothing for you and up to nine mates.


The prize includes: Giro Chrono Expert Jersey and Giro Chrono Expert Bib-shorts, and they’ll match your new helmet perfectly.



Stay tuned for more…


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In the coming days, there’ll be a series of reviews on the new Giro Helios Spherical helmet. If you can’t wait for the (long) commentary about what makes it special cycling product, allow me to paraphrase what I think of it with a one-word overview: fantastic!


Of course, there’s more to say – with me, and cycling, there always is. But for now, have a look at the pictures. Click on the competition page, find your local Giro dealer, and send in your details to see if you can win the custom cycling kit prize pack.



– By Rob Arnold