While positioning the logo of the new Goodyear Eagle F1 tyres, the irony of the name of a new player in the cycling market is hard to ignore: 2020, “good year”? No. Good tyres? We’ll soon see. The fitting is complete, and here is an introduction to what will become a longer product review…

Familiar bike, new wheels, new tyres.

Goodyear launched some tyres on the cycling market yesterday. Eagle F1, says the label on the cream sidewall “tube tyre”. Then there’s a black sidewall, slightly heavier tubeless option, also called Eagle F1.

RIDE Media was lucky enough to receive a package from the Australian agents for Goodyear, PSI Cycling, and it’s now time to ride.

28mm. New rubber.

I’m pleased to report that the fitting for the tube version – white sidewalls, and less mess, first – was one of the easiest tyre/wheel engagements I’ve had in a while. Matched with a glorious set of the new Campagnolo Shamal disc brake wheels, this is the beginning of a fine relationship.

There’s a story to it too, and I’m looking forward to sharing more about what’s been done to achieve a wheel swap that I knew was coming, but wasn’t sure would work out. See, it’s 2020, perhaps a slightly ironic time to launch a brand into the cycling market with a name that is essentially contrary to what’s going on… but that’s just semantics, right?

New wheels. New tyres. An interesting experiment begins. First ride? Ooh, yeah!

Goodyear, the tyres. They are now looking at the cycling market. You know the name. You understand the reputation. You have seen the caps on many motor racing superstars… and now they have a collection for cycling.

So, there’s a longer story. It involves mixing products from component makers. It includes the names: Campagnolo and SRAM. And the theme is 12-speed.

It’s early days. And it’s not the ideal solution… but I’m enjoying the experiment. Want to know more?

Find out soon.

It’s been a busy day, but it’s nice that some of it was spent working with bikes and new products. Tomorrow, I ride. And there’ll be something new to experience.


– By Rob Arnold


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