If he didn’t suffer from the severe pain of a side stitch, George Bennett could be an even better bike rider. He’s looking for solutions and, meanwhile, certainly still enjoying his job…

It was the ‘rest day’ of the Santos Tour Down Under. Outside it was baking hot and just after lunch George Bennett was walking through the foyer of the Adelaide Hilton. “Hey George…”


“Want to have a chat?”




He had a meeting with his Jumbo-Visma soigneur scheduled… but George is an affable bloke, one of the friendliest riders in pro cycling. He made a quick call, postponed the massage appointment and sat down to chat.

During the course of a long chat, I asked if he may indeed be the happiest bloke in the peloton. (Nah, he laughed, that title should go to Kiwi compatriot Sam Bewley.)

We talked about perhaps forming a cycling music group, about rugby and mountain biking. As often happens in these Talking Cycling interviews, we cover a lot of territory and allow the rider the time to talk and explain a few things we may not have known about them.

For George, the only thing that stops him absolutely loving his job as a pro cyclist, is a “side stitch”. It’s an ailment that has affected him for years, something he”s had four operations to try and cure, something that is frustrating and painful. He believes there is a solution out there…and, in the meantime, he will keep enjoying his job and keep on racing through the pain – and do so with that infectious smile.


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