An old favourite: the Kask Protone helmet, now with added ‘Icon’ (to the title). This new-edition has WG11 an added safety feature for what is a tried, trusted and admired helmet…

This is an intro to the unboxing video by RIDE Media where you can see my initial reaction to receiving / seeing the helmet, followed by a fitting – complete with sunglasses comparison (for visual suitability and storability) and then a weigh-in.


– A product review video by Rob Arnold



There was hesitation for a little while. The Kask Protone is a helmet shape I know and love, but I resisted opening the box because I knew the review sample was black. It’s not my favourite colour for a helmet. Still, I’ll be putting it to use now that I’ve been reminded of how well it fits my head.

In a size ‘Medium’ it weighs in at 289 grams, fresh out of the box.

You can learn this much and more about the new-edition ‘Protone Icon’ by clicking the link above and watching the unboxing video, or scrolling down the page for a few pictures from the ‘opening day’.

You will see a bit more of it on RIDE Media in the coming weeks… Stay tuned.



– By Rob Arnold