It was a precedent case for a race. A concept that began as a petition and became a reality because of the enthusiasm and gusto of some cyclists who want to implement some change. A full women’s Tour de France has been missing from the competition calendar for many years but in 2014 La Course by Le Tour de France offered a chance to showcase cycling on the world’s biggest stage.

RIDE was on the Champs-Elysées (and the Place de la Concorde, and several other Parisian streets) to see the action, photograph some of it, talk to some of the riders before and after, and generally soak up the atmosphere of a historic race. To hear what Emma Johannson and Giorgia Bronzini had to say about the race, click the links to the SoundCloud files (below).



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To see some photos from the race on the Champs-Elysées click the photo below to begin the slideshow…


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