There is a glut of helmets on the market but finding the right shape to meet your requirements, and head shape, can be a bit tricky… 


– Watch the unboxing of the Oakley ARO3 helmet, click the link below. –


Straight out of the box, I loved the look of my new Oakley ARO3 helmet. Navy on top, a little light blue at the rear, a BOA fastening system, and “designed for ventilation”, it is a popular helmet but does it fit my odd-shaped head? That was the big question that lingered after pulling this beauty out of the packaging.

Ideally, the front of the helmet should – in my appraisal – fit snuggly with the top of your sunglasses. I’ve seen the ARO3 on plenty of heads over the last year and it’s clear that it’s designed perfectly for many. Alas, I’d find out, it doesn’t perfectly suit my noggin.

The good news, however, is that it’s extremely comfortable and boasts a few cool features like a neat way of managing the excess of strapping under the chin and, of course, MIPS protection for safety.

Join me as I unbox the AUD$239.95, 307g medium ARO3 helmet and share my thoughts as I see it for the first time.

Of course, it is Australian Standards approved and in 2021 – in the thick of the pandemic, when supply issues have impacted much of the cycling trade – it is readily available in shops around Australia.

This is part of a series of product reviews from the summer months and in a future clip on RIDE Media’s YouTube channel I’ll explain what it’s like to ride with the Oakley helmet. (Stay tuned.)

As you’ll see in the video, my initial fitting session also included matching it with some of Oakley’s ‘performance eyewear’ (their term, not mine) and although the ‘sunnies storage facility’ (ie. the opening on top to tuck your sunglasses into while you ride) is ideal, the arms did stick into my skull a little.

That’s a minor criticism of what is otherwise a very cool helmet.

Watch the clip, and if you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


– By Rob Arnold