On the day the Tokyo 2020 Games were due to begin, Oakley has revealed a new collection of sports eyewear…

“I was very excited when Oakley reached out to collaborate, as I’ve been a fan of the brand since my high school days”, said the designer of the new eyewear collection Meguru Yamaguchi. “When I connected with the athletes as part of the discovery phase, I was moved by their united passion for sport. Designing a collection that was emblematic of this shared passion was core to my process and I’m thrilled with the results”. (Photos: courtesy of Oakley)

You can expect to see a lot of colour on the faces of athletes in social media posts in the coming days. Oakley is a brand synonymous with sports eyewear, a movement that largely began with cycling. To mark what was meant to be the beginning of the 2020 Olympics, the company has a new collection designed by Meguru Yamaguchi, “celebrating the love of sport”.

In a release issued today, Oakley explains the partnership with Meguru, and how the promotional campaign has been altered. “Originally intended to be the eyewear collection for Tokyo 2020, Meguru met with Oakley visionaries, designers and athletes to explore the unifying qualities of sport,” it says. “However, as the world changed, so did the purpose of the collection – with the Kokoro Collection now aiming to inspire a sense of belonging and community in a time where the need has never been greater.

Oakley says the range “embodies the brilliance and beauty of humanity with each product being completely unique.

“The Kokoro Collection was created through a specialised spin technique utilising a custom-made machine, specifically created to replicate Meguru’s style of brushstrokes.”

Eyewear… with quite a splash of colour.

Why can you expect to see a lot of this collection even when the Tokyo Games have been postponed? Because Oakley has a huge cast of sponsored athletes – in virtually all sports – and it is encouraging social engagement.

“As today was when the Opening Ceremony was originally set to take place, Oakley’s global athlete and influencer community will be taking to social media, in their Kokoro eyewear, waving their country’s flag in a show of solidarity for athletes around the world,” reads the press release.

“The Oakley global Instagram account will be reposting the content to create a virtual opening ceremony.”

Furthermore, “To mark the launch and celebrate this message, Oakley is also making a $200,000 donation to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organisation (WHO).”


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