There is an entity that represents a number of teams that’s said to be helping to grow the revenue pie for all involved in pro cycling. The WorldTour of 2015 has begun and there’s not been much noise at all from that consortium. Actually, there’s been virtual silence since the so-called launch of ‘Velon’. And yet one of the mainstays of its mission statement – putting cameras on bikes in the peloton to help give a better perspective of the racing – continues thanks to the initiative of a savvy rider like Jérémy Roy.

The FDJ rider has uploaded his own edit of his own footage from the opening day of the WorldTour competition in 2015.

Have a look at Roy’s the clip from the stage to Campbelltown and surely you’ll agree that, even without commentary and/or any additional audio inclusions, it offers a great perspective of cycling… one that we should be seeing more of.