New handlebars by Coefficient Cycling, featuring ‘Swope’ – a sweeping slope – that is said to improve “metabolic, ventilatory efficiency” arrived at the RIDE Media office. Here is the unboxing…


– Click the link below to watch the Coefficient RR Handlebar unboxing video –



Although the Zipp handlebars that have been on my bike for years are a favourite product of mine, they are about to be swapped out with a new shape. Created by Coefficient Cycling, the RR handlebars claim to not only improve aerodynamics but also “metabolic, ventilatory efficiency”.


A set of handlebars arrived in the RIDE office recently and the video (above) showcases my initial reactions to seeing something different, something a little unusual, something that has prompted me to change a part on my bike that I already really like.


Soon it’ll be: ‘Goodbye 42cm Zipp SL80 aluminium handlebars, hello Swope!’


I will keep you posted on the progress of what promises to be an ongoing test, but for now here is the unboxing clip (a long one, admittedly, that includes a few additional anecdotes about handlebar experiences from the past). You can also find a few photos of the product below.


Any questions?


– By Rob Arnold


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