Giant continues to expand it range of products and the ‘Surge Pro’ road cycling shoe is one of the new additions to the component stable. 


Part of a review series + video by Rob Arnold

Recently I made the switch from the tried, tested and trusted Bontrager XXX cycling shoes to a pair of Nimbl Ultimates which are lightweight, hand-made luxury items out of Italy. There are two obvious differences: price and weight.

The Ultimates by Nimbl retail in Australia for AUD$799 (in August 2022) while the Bontrager offering is around $300 cheaper, so you would expect one to be better than the other. You’re not just paying for aesthetics..! Both options are comfortable and reliable but it got me thinking a lot about my feet while I’m on my bike.

And I’ve been keen to sample some of the other new offerings that have come to market recently.

Enter the Giant Surge Pro, which retail for AUD$509.95 and weigh in at 246 grams (per shoe, without cleats fitted), roughly mid-way between the weight of the 312g Bontrager and the 203g Nimbl.



It is very early days. I’ve pulled the Surge Pro shoes out of the box, filmed my initial impressions and weighed them. I like what I see and what I can feel. They are lighter than the shoes I’ve been riding with for almost five years (and around the same price). They also boast a very neat finish, complete with the BOA fastening system and a single velcro strap for extra surety up front.

I have also just fitted some cleats. And this represents a considerable change, as I’ve also got a new pedal system to review.Months ago I unboxed a set of Wahoo Powrlink Zero pedals, complete with a power meter. As you’d probably know, this is the Speedplay system – rebranded and with extras added (ie. power data). Before I got to use them, they were back with the local agents so that sales reps could show them off when they were visiting bike shops around Australia.

Now, finally, the time has come to clip in with some new shoes and a new pedal system… kinda, sorta (ie. I’ve used Speedplay before, but not with a power meter).

There will be a lot more to say about these shoes and pedals in the coming weeks. For now, I’ll hold judgement and just say that the shoes look and feel great… but that’s before I’ve even clipped into the pedals and gone for a ride. The proof will be in the performance once I’m out on the road… (or, as may be the case, on the Kickr Rollr).

It’s early days but expect to see a lot more of these shoes.



– By Rob Arnold


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