New to Australia in 2021, the KASK Mojito 3 is a well-priced, light helmet that fits well and should be a popular product.


– Watch the unboxing of the KASK Mojito 3 helmet, click the link below. –




It took a little while longer to get the Mojito 3 helmet into bike shops in Australia than elsewhere in the world. Once the Australian Standards approval sticker had been applied, however, there was plenty of stock available… and plenty of customers willing to pay the ±AUD$250 asking price.


There are many things that make this a good product. It’s attractive, light, available in a range of colours (white, black, grey, orange and yellow), has a great strap/fastening system, and removable, comfortable padding. Most of all, for me at least, it fits my head really well and comes down low and close to the top of my sunglasses.You have probably seen the KASK brand in your local bunch, maybe even felt their products on your head (or your face, if you like the related KOO eyewear). What you might not know is that the Italian brand also has a strong presence in markets other than cycling. There is, for example, a considerable KASK product line for equestrian sports. Furthermore, KASK has been making hard-hat protection for the construction industry for many years.


In the cycling realm, you see KASK everywhere: on your head, in your bunch… in the pro peloton. It is popular as well as practical, attractive, and available! The final point is quite a coup in the Aussie cycling market during the COVID-era. Not every bike company is able to supply shops with product (old or new) but supply chain issues, KASK has assured me, have not affected the release of the third-generation Mojito helmet.I’ve been wearing the Mojito 3 for months and it suits my head well and has been ideal over the summer months. Plenty of ventilation, and the retention system holds it firm. I like the white, as it doesn’t act like a heat sink (as some darker helmets tend to do), and the removeable padding means it’s easy to clean well.


If you have watched RIDE Media’s YouTube videos, you’ve probably seen a lot of this helmet already but, over the weekend, I posted the unboxing clip… If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the KASK posts on RIDE’s YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter pages.



– By Rob Arnold


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