Oakley is another brand that has recently updated its cycling line-up to include a range of helmets… the ARO3 is one of three models now approved for use in Australia.

It’s got MIPS. It has BOA. It has Oakley styling. It weighs 305g (medium). It comes in red, black, white… or coupled with other colours like orange and blue. It has 12 air vents, including two small ones at the rear and two large ones up front. These front openings on the left and right can easily accommodate sunglasses for storage purposes.

Small = 52-56cm. Medium (pictured) = 54-58cm. Large = 56-60cm.


Crucially, for the Australian market, it has a sticker stating:
Australian standards. AS/NZS 2063. Issued by SAI Global. Bicycle helmet.

For more information, see: Oakley’s cycling site.

In other words, you’re set if you want to complete your Oakley cycling outfit.

Really, it began with eyewear way back when and now the range has expanded to include a large selection of products you can wear on the bike.

The helmet range includes three models – all of which hit Australian shops in recent weeks: the ARO3 (featured here), ARO5 and ARO7.


Oakley ARO3

Price: AUD$220

Weight: 305g (medium)


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Any questions, send an email and ask…
in the meantime, here is how it looks (scroll down).

Photos: Rob Arnold

Fit is relative. Some helmets feel good instantly and you know they are the shape that suits. Some look good but aren’t comfortable. Some may fit and look great but lack the elements that make the product special – like MIPS or the BOA fastening system… or straps that suit your face.

We let the pictures tell the story and then suggest the obvious: ride down to your local Oakley dealer and ask if you can have a look.

Let us know if it suits you, what colour your choose, what style… and why.

What product would you like to see? Send an email and let us know what spikes your interest.

The ‘Paraphernalia’ pages of RIDE Cycling Review magazine were always popular with readers. The aim was to present new product when it came to market and provide a basic overview of design, construction, materials, fit, weight, cost and functionality.

The images tell much of the story – and the customer will ultimately decide if it fits their budget and requirements once they’ve considered the basics of the product.

RIDE Media has an archive of thousands of products reviewed over the years. We have seen the evolution of design. We have witnessed one trend after another come (and sometimes go). In the coming months, we’ll be reintroducing product reviews – albeit in an online format where we can also respond to any queries readers may have.


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