Another overview of a product that deserves attention for its innovation: the latest ‘Gold X1’ knicks by Cuore offer a different kind of feel when riding…


Let’s jump straight to the main point of difference for these AUD$265 knicks* that are new to the market in 2018: they don’t have any gripper. That’s right – none.

My first thought when I pedalled off with the new kit was that I felt a little nude, like the knicks weren’t… really there.

You get so accustomed to certain sensations on the bike and to no longer have that little bit of assistance holding the base of you knicks in position on your thigh is unfamiliar. After several decades of wearing Lycra, something that was so common is now absent. And I like it. I’m not nude but the lightweight fabric makes dressing for a ride feel better.

“We got the cut right,” said Drew Johnson from Cuore’s Australian office. “We looked at the gripper options we’d been using and, frankly, wondered if it is necessary.”

Turns out it isn’t. The only need for the grip is to hold the Lycra in place on your skin; movement of the fabric would irritate and be distracting (like when ill-fitting legwarmers start to slide down the thigh mid-ride).

‘Raw’ Lycra outside and inside (above)… and not even a hit of any gum or elastic grippers.


What’s good about gripper is that, eventually, it helps establish a mark: that exact spot on your legs where the knicks end and exposes the skin. If you ride enough, no amount of sunscreen will ward off the emergence of The Tan Line – it’s a mark of cycling, nothing to be shy about nor proud of… it just happens.

And so, when you get dressed, there’s a clear line showing where to pull your knicks to so that they reach the exact comfort position, where they’ll remain until you finish the ride.

Cuore is spelled out on the left leg while only the logo is on the right (above).


What’s bad about gripper is that it can get uncomfortable. It can pull at your skin a little. Even if the latest compounds used for gripping are fantastic during early use, they may not wash too well.

I’ve known some gripper elements to melt when kit is left in a hot car. Sometimes knicks come out of the washing machine with gripper that looks like chewed up gum. Some just slowly disintegrates over time…

Take the gripper away and what do you get? Cuore’s new ‘Gold X1’ knicks.

It takes a moment to adjust to the different sensation, but the good news? The Lycra stays where you want it to; it doesn’t ride up your leg as you pedal, there’s no friction, there’s just a lightweight finish where gummy grip once was.

The bib-and-brace Gold X1 also offer “complete sublimation” – meaning you can customise your kit with virtually any colour, or pattern… brace/harness and all.

Washing instructions… spelled out on the brace/harness (above).


* * * * *


Cuore has concentrated on lifting the standard of what was already a very comfortable cycling clothing item. It has strayed from tradition, perfected the cut, maintained its quality control, and created a great set of knicks that come neatly presented in a cool cardboard tube, complete with a perfect little wash bag.

Want to treat yourself to something special this festive season? Make your chamois time a little more comfortable with Cuore’s Gold X1 knicks.



– By Rob Arnold

For more, including information about custom ordering – complete with design suggestions – visit Cuore’s website.

* * * * *


*Note: The Gold X1 knicks can be selected for custom orders and costs may decrease, depending on the size or your order. Cuore can create team kit with a surprisingly small minimum order.