It’s ‘Tour Guide’ production time at the RIDE office, but there is also product coming in for review. This is a five-shot RAW review of new cycling kit by POC.

– Intro to video by Rob Arnold (click link below)



Intro #StoryOfMyRide

Been busy (ie. computer time). But still like to ride my bike when I can.

Got new cycling stuff from POC this week. Suited up on Wednesday. Went for a ride.

Felt better at the end of it all.

In a new outfit in AVIP! So bright that I absolutely kills off the claim of “sorry-I-just-didn’t-see-your”.

I felt safe.

It is so bright that it worked as planned, I was noticed and acknowledged by motorists. I got extra space on the road during that ride. Fact.

This is a #RawReview – ie. a few takes on the GoPro while I ride and talk.


– Rob