The 71st edition of RIDE Cycling Review has been printed and distribution has begun. The first issue of 2016 is on its way to readers now. 




We are proud to present #RIDE71 – volume one of 2016. This is a 228-page magazine that features two genuine superstars of cycling on the cover: Mark Cavendish and Sir Bradley Wiggins.

These riders have been around long enough for most of us to know them simply as ‘Cav’ and ‘Wiggo’ but we’ve gone for formality on the cover and added the prefix that was bestowed on Sir Bradley a few years ago.

‘Inspired riding’ is the tag line. And that explains both the context of the image on the cover as well as much of the content of what we believe is a most complete magazine.

Inside you’ll find, as it also says on the cover, stories about “racing, history, training, adventure, products, bike tests… riding!”

RIDE Cycling Review: this is what we do.

It’s a magazine. And as soon as it’s printed, we want our readers to see it.

This is a familiar story and we can assure you that distribution is taking place as fast as is physically possible. Australia is a big country and delivery may take a few days.

We received our printed copies in the office at 1.52pm on Wednesday 16 March.

The subscription copies will be lodged with Australia Post on the same day (16/03/2016) and we hope your postman delivers it as promptly as possible.

Readers who don’t subscribe will be able to buy it in bike shops and newsagents from 21 March 2016.


* * * * *




Inside #RIDE71 you’ll find our annual review of all bikes from WorldTour teams. There’s a 40-page feature with hundreds of photos of bikes and components.

We have another quintet of bikes on test, this time the companies represented are: Cervélo, Canyon, Argon 18, Focus and Cannondale.

Beyond that you’ll find all the things that have made RIDE Cycling Review one of the most respected cycling magazines in the world.

There is “racing, history, training, adventure, products, bike tests… riding!”

We hope you like it!


* * * * *



If subscribe in the coming three months (or are an existing subscriber), you go in the draw to win a fabulous prize from Trek: a $6,999 Madone bike!


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We’ve kept our cover lines to a minimum as the photo deserves to stand alone but take a look inside and you’ll discover a wealth of stories, including coverage of the track cycling world championships where the photo of Cav and Wiggo was taken.

The victory in the final event of the championships for our cover stars was indeed inspired riding.

It was a fitting finale of an amazing few days of racing in London and a performance that will be remembered for a long time yet. As soon as it was announced that Cavendish would race alongside Wiggins in the madison, they fell into the category of favourites.

They are an obvious choice for the cover and we began planning for it at the beginning of the month.

“Are you going to have photos from the world championships?” I wrote in an email to Graham Watson on 2 March. “If you are there yourself, can you please aim for a cover shot of Wiggo and Cav in the Madison? It’s time to have a track photo on the cover!”

“Okay, will do.”

Four days later, one day before printing began, Casey Gibson (working with Graham Watson for the worlds) captured a fantastic moment of modern cycling: Sir Wiggo about to sling Mark Cavendish in the midst of one amazing race.


* * * * *


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the making of this magazine… and, of course, to everyone who buys it to see what’s inside a most complete issue of inspired riding.




– By Rob Arnold