The S-Works Tarmac SL6 is a popular bike, but not all of these Specialized frames are the same. There’s one in Sydney, for example, that has some 24-carat gold in the decals. I saw it in the park earlier today… and I wanted to know more.


– A video by Rob Arnold (click the link below to watch)



An accident back in 2019 forced Jennifer Kay to rest her legs. She lay in hospital for seven days and recuperated at home for longer than that. She sustained an ankle injury and walking – or riding her (broken) bike – were off the cards for a little while but her mind remained active. With a little spare time, she kept herself amused by considering colour schemes for her replacement bike.

That is a quick overview of how this pink and gold beauty came into existence.

Jennifer is a light, passionate cyclist. In the quick conversation that followed on from a compliment about the custom painted frame, she would explain a little about the stint in hospital, the effects of the injury (and the subsequent recovery), and about the components she uses.

She has disc brakes on another bike – a Cervélo Caledonia 5, which has also been custom painted – but her preference is rim brakes. She doesn’t mind splashing out on a bike, but it’s clear that her cycling investments are based around getting something that’s good looking as well as suitable for her riding. One example is that, at just 50kg, some of the features of off-the-shelf bikes don’t really suit her.

Watch the video to find out a little more about Jennifer’s bike(s) and why she has done what she has to make a nice Specialized a beautiful one.