There are a few lovely surprises in the Giordana cycling clothing range. The ‘Lungo’ knicks in particular are worthy of a closer look…


Blog / Video / Product review, by Rob Arnold 



The fit and fabric of Giordana cycling clothing has long been a talking point in the bike trade. “They have set the standard for years,” said one industry rep, who also happens to be in the bike trade. It’s easy to be complimentary about the kit that comes from this brand with Italian heritage.

Giordana might not get the hype amidst cycling’s fashionistas that other clothing brands earn but the range is fantastic and features a wide selection of styles. There are men’s and women’s lines (of course) with varying chamois styles and considered cuts to suit different body types.



RIDE Media received a bundle of goodness from Giordana towards the end of 2021. Inside was a collection of items for review including the glorious AUD$420 NXG knicks that I’ve been wearing often this summer. There’s also the fantastic Silverline jersey (AUD$179), featuring a beautifully fitted cut and minimal need for any stretch in order to get a great fit.

Also in the collection are FR-C knicks and jerseys (AUD$249 or AUD$199, respectively), a considerable range of socks (left/right specific, great fit, nice length, etc) and all the usual trimmings you’d expect from a company with such a long history in cycling.



The latest set of kit I’ve been lucky enough to try includes the beautiful base layer (an instant favourite item), wool cycling jersey, and the Lungo bib knicks which have surprised me enormously. Simply glorious to ride in!


You’ll see a lot more about this kit in the coming weeks and months, and read about it in greater detail in a little while. (Right now, I’m riding in it, being surprised by it, and gathering my thoughts about how Giordana compares with a range of other cycling clothing brands.)


There are a series of videos about the Giordana range on RIDE Media’s YouTube page. If you want to know more, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll try to get back to you quickly.


– By Rob Arnold