Stories about bikes emerge easily when those in the discussion appreciate the product. Here is an example: a chance meeting because of a Pegoretti…



Riding along on a Saturday morning and ahead was a lovely Pegoretti bike. Those who know cycling know that frames featuring Dario Pegoretti’s name are indeed more than bicycles, there’s also a mix of art and often nostalgia.

I’ve ridden them in the past and admired the work of Dario. He’s gone but not forgotten.

When the chance comes to speak to someone riding on a Pegoretti frame, you know there’s a story to be told. And that’s the inspiration for this video.

There’s a twist, and it’s totally coincidental… but you can find out more by watching the video, looking at a lovely bike and listening to Nick’s #storyofmybike…


– By Rob Arnold

Saturday 5 September 2020