In part two of the #StoryOfMyRide about exploring the bike path network in Sydney’s western suburbs, we consider the excellent M7 Cycleway. This is 40km of protected path that’s ideal for cycling.


– Video by Rob Arnold



The first time I arrived at the M7 Cycleway in the Western Sydney Parklands it was relatively early on a Sunday morning. Without any route planned, my hope was that the bike path signs would steer me in the right direction and I’d reach this oasis of safe cycling without too much fuss.

For the most part things went according to plan, as traffic was minimal at that time of the day and the weather was ideal for riding. Still, even though the bike path network in Sydney is improving by the week, there is lot that is yet to be done to make it truly cohesive, and easy to navigate.

I’m confident to say that the route I selected wouldn’t have been nearly as friendly had this ride been done on a workday. Thankfully, however, everything fell into place and my Sunday morning ride was a real treat: hassle-free cycling, plenty of friendly exchanges with other riders, different sights seen, and even a bit of exercise ticked off.

Eventually I would roll onto the fantastic M7 Cycleway – a 40km section of separated bike path that travels from Baulkham Hills to Preston – but it wasn’t exactly the ideal approach. The bike path signs initially gave me the sense that I was doing things properly and going the correct way but then, when what I was searching for was in sight, the signs then sent me to a dead end… and it was up to me to work out what to do next.

I’m full of praise for the progress that’s being made in Sydney (and surrounds) in an attempt to make riding here a little more manageable – ie. easy for people of all ages to do, without fear of incident. But as I’ve said often before, good could easily be better with a few logical additions and/or improvements on what currently exists.

Still, as the two videos that relate to this one Sunday ride from the city to Sydney’s western suburbs highlight, there are great cycling conditions to be found when you know where to look.

Watch the two videos about my ride from the city to Sydney’s west and I hope you agree that there is plenty to see and an environment for cycling that is a lot safer than other part of this town.



– By Rob Arnold


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