The bike can take you to amazing places and allow you to look around and see things from a different perspective.

Click the link below to see the #StoryOfMyRide from Sunday 23 April 2023, when I visited familiar places and took a moment to recognise the beauty of Sydney.

Video by Rob Arnold



This is a busy time of the year for me as the production of the Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition) takes priority and I’m not riding quite as much as I’d like to. Still, I know from experience that it is important to get away from the computer screen and live a little. A few hours on the bike can help clear the mind and offer a bit of exercise.

On Sunday morning a couple of days before ANZAC Day in 2023, I set off early with no set plan of where I was going. After a couple of hours, I felt happier and healthier thanks to a ride in familiar territory.

I’ve been riding around Sydney for over 30 years and I regularly visit the places I visited on the day this video but that doesn’t mean it’s boring.

Take a moment to look around my town; click ‘play’ and join me for a chat with myself while I ride around Sydney and take in the views…


– Rob 

This video was recorded between 6.00am and 8.00am on a Sunday morning. It was a ride which included a few clichéd tourist spots but, as you can see, if you get out early it’s possible to have a place like Sydney largely to yourself – or, at least, without the usual hustle and bustle of a big city.

Within a couple of hours, I saw some fantastic sights and enjoyed visiting beautiful places in the early morning light.

After the tourism component of the ride – when I went over the Harbour Bridge and onwards to Mosman and surrounds – I even did a bit of exercise, later going back over the harbour and onwards to Sydney’s eastern suburbs to check out the surf in Bondi.

All up, I squeezed in a bit of 80km and a bit over 1,200 metres of climbing, but it wasn’t exactly a hectic workout. Instead, it was a bit of #MeTime and a chance to clear my mind. When I next sat down at the computer to get some work done, it was easier to manage as I simply felt as though I’d lived a little.

Cycling can do that. It’s an easy way to get from point A to B, and although I’ve been reporting on bike riding in its many guises for over 30 years, it never gets old – and it’s always possible to see new things… even when you’ve visited these places many times before.

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