Best way to review a cycling product? Put it to use and, when it works well, acknowledge it. This story is about a swim, but tyre sealant earns a mention too…


The plan was simple: get up early, get to the ocean, be in the water by the time the sun comes up. Were it not for five minutes of procrastination upon arrival at the pool, all would have been achieved exactly as intended.

I’d have a ride and get my swim and round out 50km before breakfast… and a puncture on the way to the beach didn’t interrupt the adventure. With tubeless tyres and the associated sealant inside, the hole was repaired within seconds.

The only thing to slow me down, was stopping to check that the rolling repair had happened.

Without any need for tyre levers, a spare tube, a mini-pump or CO2 canister, and no time wasted standing on the side of the road fixing the flat, there was time for a little bout of tourism in my town before jumping in the water.

Tubeless tyres make a lot of sense, but road cyclists often seem resistant to change. This video from my ‘summer of cycling’ demonstrates the benefits that come with having some sealant along for the ride.


– By Rob Arnold


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