Cycling offers many benefits. For Raj Wilson, it is “a bit of escapism” as well as a passion which is helping with the healing process after a family tragedy a few years ago…


– Raj Wilson explains the story of his ride. (Click the link below.) –




“It’s a very important part of how I maintain balance,” says Raj Wilson early in a long interview about why he rides a bike. “A large part of my friendship groups are now centred around cycling.


“For me, it serves multiple different purposes but I’m always better for having gone for a ride.


“It gives me physical and mental exhilaration… It is truly the way I unwind and process things. It ticks a lot of boxes for me. It’s part of my make-up and probably will be as long as I can get on a bike.”


Between 21 August and 10 September 2021, there will be extra motivation for Wilson to ride his bike, and do so inside, on the smart trainer, using the FulGaz training platform. He will be doing the ‘Hope Cycle, Tour of Australia’, a charity initiative designed to raise much needed funds for Lifeline.


In the interview, Wilson explains a dreadful occurrence in his family and how he has used cycling as a bit of therapy for a very difficult time.


“I lost my daughter to suicide in late 2019. Whilst she had mental health challenges – probably more anxiety based –the severity was not totally appreciated, not only by her mum and I, but also by experts.


“I’d never been exposed to suicide prior to that and it was devastating to be quite frank.



“For me, cycling at that time was a bit of escapism. It helped me process what had taken place.


“None of that grief goes away, but [cycling] was an important way of how I managed my mental state.”


“Hope Cycle combines a couple of things I’m deeply passionate about. For me, it was an absolute no-brainer to get involved in that. It’s a great initiative on FulGaz’s part.


“There is a need for the services that Lifeline provide and if I can be a catalyst for [raising funds] by sharing my stories around Yasmin and why I’m doing this; it encourages to people to either join Hope Cycle – or donate to Hope Cycle – it’s part of my healing process.”


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Raj’s daughter, Yasmin, was only 15 when she took her life in 2019. Her memory remains and of course he thinks of her every day. Nothing can change what has happened, but he is grateful for the wonderful support offered by Lifeline, and that’s why he’s riding ‘Hope Cycle’ and raising funds for an invaluable service.


Join the ride that includes 15 stages (starting on 21 August and ending on 10 September, World Suicide Prevention Day) or donate to the charity.


(If you aren’t already a subscriber to FulGaz, there is a 30-day free trial – allowing you to join Raj and others, while also getting a taste of what it’s like to ride inside… with a bit of scenery and a lot of training data.)