Since 1992, Gerry Ryan has spent a “considerable sum” on cycling.

When a figure of “close to $100 million” was quoted during RIDE Media’s long interview with the founder, owner and key sponsor of the Australian-registered WorldTour cycling team, Mitchelton-Scott, Gerry replied, “My accountants can confirm that.”

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He is easily the biggest benefactor Australian cycling has ever had and we have come to know him through the excellent #BackStagePass series produced by the PR team involved with the team.

We understand his passion for cycling and myriad other sports – horse racing and rugby league key amongst them – as well as theatre, music and, of course, fine wine. But not often do we get to hear much from the man himself.

Years after we first met, I had a chance to sit down for a long interview.

We talk about his passion for cycling, his desires for the WorldTour team(s) – men and women – and get confirmation of the rumour about why he ceased his sponsorship of the AIS and Cycling Australia.


Gerry Ryan is the man behind the Jayco caravan brand in Australia. In years gone by he was declared to be “Australia’s richest entertainer”, surpassing the likes of Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett courtesy of his investment in the Walking With Dinasours production. Another investment, like the King Kong musical – a remarkable success that has been a huge feature on Broadway for man years – have earned him a Tony Award.

He has a Midas touch with many business ventures. The cycling team’s balance sheet is healthy and, as he often does early in the racing season, there is a chance that he will soon announce another title sponsor… until that day, however, the funds come from his personal coffers.

He likes making money and he tends to do that very well, but the cycling project is driven by passion.

Put the kettle on, make yourself comfortable, click ‘play’… and hopefully you’ll learn a little about the man behind the team.

– Rob


(Interview, camera and editing by Rob Arnold)


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