Reports from teams and journalists on the ground at the UAE Tour suggest that the race has been cancelled with two stages to go as officials commence screening riders, race staff and media to test for Coronavirus.


Last week there was a suggestion that some bike races in Italy may need to be cancelled to negate concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19) but, at this point in time, it hasn’t come to that.

But cycling has been impacted by the virus and, early Friday morning (Australian time), reports are emerging that riders, staff and media at the race hotel of the UAE Tour are being tested for possible infection.

It has been suggested that the winner of stage four, Adam Yates of Mitchelton-Scott, will be declared the winner of an event which was meant to be seven stages but is said to have concluded after stage five overnight.

In contrast to some cycling events, the crowds at the UAE Tour haven’t been significant and the WHO is reporting that there have only been 19 cases of COVID-19 in the UAE but officials are responding with extreme caution, preferring cancellation than the risk of the virus spreading.