As part of an ongoing review of wheels and tyres – two road cycling products that have evolved significantly in recent years – you can find a series of videos on RIDE Media’s YouTube channel.


– 2 product review videos, by Rob Arnold 


My bike has undergone a significant change. Last week, I swapped out a set of Zipp NSW 353 wheels with 30mm Goodyear Eagle F1 tubeless tyres for Campagnolo Shamal Disc wheels fitted with 30mm Schwalbe Pro One tubeless tyres. Before making the change, I documented my farewell ride to the wheel/tyre combo I’ve been riding exclusively for several months (and 3,543km).

In the video that follows that ‘Story of my ride’, I offer my thoughts as they come to mind on the first outing with the Shamal/Schwalbe wheels/tyres.



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There is a lot more to be said but, for now, the pictures tell some of the story – ie. both wheel/tyre combinations look fantastic – and you get some impressions from the test sessions as I ride and talk to camera about what I’m feeling.

If you have any question, please use the YouTube comments.


– Rob