Need a new pair of knicks? Here’s a suggestion: quality from SciCon that usually comes at a premium price but, for a limited time, you can get them at half price… in a gift pack that includes a shoe bag and espresso cups.

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Been on the bike a lot of late. Usually I’m riding outdoors but there’s also been hours spent pedalling – and sweating – in the living room. The laundry is getting a workout too… and the lycra in the cupboard is on high rotation.

After years almost exclusively riding in Cuore kit, there’s been a few interruptions of late: a chance to sample other cycling clothing brands and get a taste of developments in design, materials and even colours.If you like the keep-it-simple aesthetic for your bib knicks – ie. black on black, with a focus on good tailoring rather than bright designs – then it’s worth having a look at ASG The Store. (Actually, it’s worth having a look at the retail portal even if you’re not in the market for knicks. There’s some great product at surprising, discounted prices… for a limited time.)This box turned up a little over a week ago and it didn’t seem right to just open it without showcasing the contents with a little video. (Alas, you get me as the model. Sorry about that.)

After a few rides: a positive appraisal. The fit is excellent, the extra-long gripper (75mm) locks the pants into position, and the chamois keeps everything neat and tidy and comfy.


– By Rob Arnold