After 20 years of publishing magazines it’s time for a restart. The next issue of RIDE Cycling Review will be the last of our regular printed releases.

RIDE Media will continue to deliver transformative stories about cycling but in a more immediate manner, one that embraces the potential of modern technology: digital, video, newsletters… as well as print publishing and branded content.

This is a time of significant change for media and we are going to respond to market demand.



Heritage and reputation

RIDE Media is an independently owned business. It has a reputation for high quality journalism and a long association with partner brands, photographers and writers.

RIDE Media was established in 1998 and has been an integral component of the growth of cycling in Australia.

Over the many years we have been part of the cycling landscape, RIDE Media has built a reputation for creativity and quality. We have consistently published inspirational, intelligent, thought provoking, balanced content.

The diversity of content and its integrity established the RIDE Media brand; we listened to our audience, dared to be innovative, and quickly became the respected voice within the cycling community.

This company has stayed true to its heritage and never strayed from the original objective: to inspire people to ride bikes. We will continue to do this with the support of our audience, clients and contributors.

There is enormous respect for our readership. We are grateful for the many years of support and we look forward to continuing to bring you content that reminds everyone of the obvious: cycling is a fantastic thing to do!



The appeal of immediate delivery

Print has been the focus of our business since inception but the opportunities that exist with new media are too exciting to ignore.

The nature of print deadlines is such that it feels as though we are holding something back for the sake of inclusion in the magazine, often when we’d rather share it immediately.

There is enormous appeal in sharing content and duly being able to respond to our audience on a regular basis, and the online space offers this tangible, immediate connection.

Furthermore, the opportunity exists to respond promptly to demand from all our stakeholders and create more time-relevant content – be it in relation to race coverage, interviews, insight, history, bike tests, product releases, or the many other types of content that are part of RIDE Media’s repertoire.



Managing the transition

The decision to cease publishing regular printed magazines has been a difficult one but the enormous scope that exists by refocusing our energy fills me with inspiration.

Cycling’s appeal is so broad and there is such a wealth of stories to be told that it is liberating to know that our content is not limited to what can be squeezed onto the printed page.

There is a vast archive at our disposal and a knowledge base that can only come with time. Our longstanding relationships with highly respected contributors and the fantastic support we receive from our audience and industry partners will make it easier to manage the transition.



What’s comes next?

We will still produce the popular Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition). This will go on sale in June.

In July, I will cover the Tour de France for the 20th time and continue to report on a sport that has fascinated me for over 40 years.

There will be one more issue of RIDE Cycling Review – due out in October – and the aim is to make this a special souvenir edition.


The original magazine, published in July 1998, stated: “A celebration of cycling!”

This is what RIDE Media has been ever since.

Join us as we ride towards another stanza – and an exciting future.


Yours in cycling,




Rob Arnold

Publisher, RIDE Media P/L


* * * * *

Note: If you’re an existing RIDE Cycling Review subscriber, you do not need to take any action now. You will receive a letter with #RIDE76 explaining your options.