After 75 editions of RIDE Cycling Review, RIDE Media will no longer publish a quarterly magazine.

After almost 20 years, the time has come to close a chapter and end the regular printed releases of RIDE Cycling Review. Since inception in 1998, the quarterly magazine has been backed by a strong and loyal readership and we are truly grateful for the great support received for a small, independent publishing company.

RIDE has helped shape the cycling landscape in Australia and beyond. And while RIDE Media will continue to operate, creating content about cycling, it will do so in a more immediate manner, one that embraces the potential of modern technology: digital, video, electronic newsletters, and more.

We announced our intentions in April 2017, stating that, “This is a time of significant change for media and we are going to respond to market demand.”

The original aim when we made our announcement was that we would publish one last edition of RIDE Cycling Review before focussing on a strategic change in direction. The ‘farewell issue’ that was to be released in October will, however, not be published. This decision was made based on personal reasons.


* * * * *


As soon as we decided to cease publication of RIDE Cycling Review we removed the option to subscribe from our website as well as what is our farewell edition, #RIDE75 (published in March 2017).

We have written to all subscribers to let them know about our decision.

Although I’m confident that many of our readers would like to see a continuance of the printed releases, it’s time for RIDE Media to change direction and we look forward to settling into the ‘next phase’ of a business that has a long and proud history.

I hope you have enjoyed what has been printed over the years and continue to follow us as we ride into the future.


RIDE Media will continue to publish the Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition) but RIDE Cycling Review as we’ve known it for 19 years, has come to a close.


It has been an amazing journey and I’m proud to have helped introduce many to this wonderful thing we call cycling with our committed approach to race coverage, product testing, and a vast array of features relating to bike riding.

Since making the announcement of our intention to stop printing a regular quarterly magazine RIDE Media has continued to generate content, share stories, and speak with the Australian cycling community. We look forward to continuing this tradition even if, moving forward, the method of delivery is different.

RIDE Media was established in 1998 to promote cycling and encourage people to ride. It was a small operation: one man and a computer. Thanks to the support of a vast cast of contributors, our loyal industry partners and, of course, a strong readership, it grew into something much bigger.

The company has published 75 editions of RIDE Cycling Review, 15 editions of the Official Tour de France Guide (Australian edition), and a world championship guide… as well as thousands of online articles about one general theme: cycling!

The time to change has come. I’m buoyed by the opportunities that come with more interactive and immediate delivery mechanisms. RIDE Media is constantly evolving and it will continue to set the standard for publishing original, engaging, creative, informative content about cycling.

I’m looking forward to riding my bike some more while continuing to share the joy of cycling.


Yours in cycling,

Rob Arnold

Publishing editor, RIDE Media

#RIDE53 (above) was the biggest issue ever: 292 pages and a pull-out poster of Cadel Evans, the first Australian Tour de France winner.