Brad McGee has a long history in cycling. He works for the NSW Institute of Sport and continues to put his sporting experience to good use, working with coaches, athletes and administrators… he also owns a farm.

There is a project brewing. ‘McGee Athlete Pathway’ is a work in progress and as soon as I heard about it, I wanted to sign up. We agreed to talk. And so I visited Brad at ‘Twin Falls’ on the first weekend of the 2022 Tour de France when he was more concerned with the rain and feeding his pigs than talking about cycling.


– A video by Rob Arnold




It wasn’t meant to be a day of riding, but I took my camera along anyway because the rain had been extreme and I was confident that Fitzroy Falls would be spectacular on Sunday. It’s convenient that my first ‘coach’, who I’m soon to start work with, happens to live a short walk from the ‘Twin Falls Lookout’.

Brad McGee’s property in the NSW southern highlands is called ‘Twin Falls’ and during my quick visit, we would talk a little about his coaching business, a little about me and my expectations from the MAP program, a lot about the rain… a little about the goat, pigs and other distractions of a day on the farm.

Click the link above if you would like to see what Brad McGee is doing 19 years since he was the leader of the Tour de France.


– Rob 

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