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Bike Test: Fuji SL 1.1 (2015) RIDE70

Bike Test: Fuji SL 1.1 (2015) RIDE70

At 5,014g for the complete bike, you can understand the ‘SL’ in the name of this Fuji. Super Light indeed! Read the complete review as it appeared in #RIDE70.

This is another online version of a complete bike test as it appeared in RIDE Cycling Review (#70, published in November 2015). With an amazing set of Reynolds wheels and other lightweight products, this 754g frame came together in fine style… and, when fully built, the bike weighed in at just over five kilo!


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“The Fuji steers with pinpoint precision and will change direction with the slightest input or shift of rider weight. Think about the manoeuvre and it’s executed. Some may find this an undesirable trait, while others will find it a sublime and joyful experience. But don’t expect that deft handling touch to equal scary nervousness at high speed. There’s enough stability with the Fuji SL 1.1 to allow you to feel comfortable at 70km/h and allow you to concentrate on what the road ahead has in store for you.”


Build report in brief

Another somewhat offbeat component selection is the brakeset. The eebrakes weigh less than 200g for the pair (±100g less than Dura-Ace) and they actually feel pretty snappy. A ride test will determine their true effectiveness.

One thing that doesn’t need a road test to determine its quality is the Reynolds RZR 46 SLG wheelset.

These wheels are bonkers! They weigh just 1,028g for the pair and the bladed carbon spokes give the guarantee that they will be extremely fast (and possibly quite stiff too).

With Vittoria Crono tyres, this must be one of the lightest (and most expensive) complete wheel systems on the market.


– Read the full review as it appeared in the magazine. –

Click the image above to see the review as it appeared in #RIDE70 (November 2015).

  • Don’t be fooled into thinking this is just another bike because it lacks any funky tapering or integration. It’s obvious what SL stands for: this is Super Light! Curiously, however, the frameset itself doesn’t cost the earth; were it not for the wheels, it is essentially on par with the price of other high-end bikes.
  • Reynolds hubs are an uncommon sight and this is the first time we’ve seen the luxurious wheels on a test bike. If you get a chance to try them, seize the moment — and you’re bound to enjoy it.
  • The Fuji scores well in every aspect of the build; something indicative of the brand — which always presents immaculate bikes… inside and out.
  • The eebrakes give the bike a point of difference and they perform well… and remind us that a revolution in bicycle components (and many other things in the modern world) may be about to take place when 3D printing becomes more commonplace.


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