Cycling shoes have evolved rapidly in recent years and Mavic has taken things to the next level with the release of the Comete Ultimate. We take a quick look at a $1,600 pair of cycling shoes.

There are innovations and styling that are difficult to ignore. Never mind the price tag for a moment – if you can – and just consider what Mavic is doing with its Comete Ultimate shoes. It’s an entire rethink even if it borrows a little from the Adam Hansen school of thought: if carbon-fibre helps makes shoes lighter and stiffer, then why not use more of it and eliminate the flexible, heavier materials?

It’s not immediately apparent (one of the reasons for two clips in our video review) but the shoe effectively comes in two parts: a carbon-fibre outer and soft inner bootie.


– Watch our YouTube clips to get a quick look at the Mavic Comete shoes. –

Watch the clips about the Mavic Comete Ultimate shoes (click the links above).

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking a closer look at several cycling products including another pair of shoes from Mavic – with a much more reasonable pricing structure (ie. $300, rather than the $1,600 for the Comete Ultimates) – as well as other items from the French brand.

This coincides with the final weeks of a promotion that Mavic’s Australian agent, Groupe Sportif, is running in the lead-up to the 2018 Tour de France.

If you buy a wheelset or a pair of shoes by Mavic, you immediately go in the draw to win a trip to France in July.

  • Visit the Mavic factory in Annecy.
  • And attend the final stage of the Tour de France as a guest of Mavic… complete with a lap or two of the finishing circuit on the famous Champs-Elysées inside the Mavic neutral spares vehicle!

It’s a fantastic opportunity to get some quality cycling product and put yourself in with a chance to win a trip that will let you see racing in a way you’ve never done before!

(Click here for more about the Mavic competition – including terms and conditions.)

Stay tuned to RIDE Media for more product reviews and more details on the Mavic products that we’ve featured here.

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