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Test bike slideshow

Test bike slideshow

Here’s a quick glimpse at some of the bikes we’ve tested over the years. Same but different… there are a lot of styles out there and it’s interesting to consider the trends that we’ve seen come and go in 20 years.

The collection of product images in the RIDE Media office is enormous. The process of reviewing bikes for over 20 years means we have catalogued trends at a particularly interesting time for the cycling trade.

This short slideshow gives a glimpse of 124 bikes that were put in the studio at one time or another since 1998.

You only get a quarter of a second glimpse at each bike but even that is long enough for you to tell that there are some brands that were featured multiple times. (You’ll also see that this collection is in alphabetical order rather than chronological order.)

There is a wealth of stories for each of these bikes… but for now, click ‘Play’ on the link and see if you can find the bike you liked most.


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