On Easter Saturday the roads of Sydney were largely free of traffic when I started my ride. The aim was to go north, to the Central Coast… catch a ferry at lunchtime and ride back from Palm Beach. Eventually that’s what happened.

This is the story of my ride from 16 April 2022.


– A blog and video by Rob Arnold

Back when it was still short-sleeve weather, and there was a brief pause in the rain that has become so regular in Sydney in 2022, I went for a ride. It was a Saturday morning. It was Easter. It wasn’t a lockdown, and many of the locals either escaped town for the long weekend or were sleeping in.

Whatever the reason, the roads were free of traffic and I was in the mood to go somewhere new. Ettalong was in my mind, but I’d not been there in years. Still, the closer I got to the Central Coast, the more sense it made to keep going… onwards to the small wharf leading to an hourly ferry.



When I got there, I thought, I’d have lunch and then drift over the water back to Palm Beach and resume my ride, back into the city and home again.

That’s what I did. You can watch the story of my ride by clicking the link above.

It was a while ago now, but it serves as a good reminder (while I recuperate from the injuries of a recent crash) that there are great places to ride, even in a city that often doesn’t seem conducive to cycling.

This is a #TourismInMyTown video, and certainly not a product review of any kind. It’s just me on the bike, showing you what I see and where I go when I’ve got the luxury of good weather and some time to ride.

– Rob


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